Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping, Psychoanalysis and Man Chairs

"Man chair" - defined by Urban Dictionary as "the chair that men sit in while their partner is shopping for long periods of time. They can be found in almost any clothing or shoe store." Right, so what if a woman goes shopping with men who want to buy a suit? I don't know. There aren't any woman chairs so I had to try some cross-dressing in order to survive that odyssey.

I realized an important thing: men's bags look really good on women. They might also be more practical than those designed for women but I don't know that for sure because, naturally, I didn't buy any.

Hat is a phallic symbol (at least in a freudian dream) so a woman's hat doesn't really make sense. A woman wearing a hat could be considered as a strong evidence of penis envy, so no thanks!

A blazer is what makes a gentleman. I hope that any gentleman who buys this particular blazer will never see this picture as it might make him feel emasculated. The fear of a woman looking good in man's blazer is the same as the fear of castration.

What's the future of unisex? Should I wear more men's clothes?

Should there be more woman chairs in shops and more man chairs in buses?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Through the lying looking-glass

If an anti-consumerist goes shopping, they must be aware of the dangers of mirrors and lights.

You might find yourself looking surprisingly stunning - slimmer and kind of "photoshopped" - in that lying piece of looking-glass and might not think twice before you buy something you don't want. But you can always exploit the flattering reflection to take a lying picture of yourself. These high-waist tight pants would look really bad in real life. I'm glad I didn't buy them.

What's also dangerous are these special postures that you (or at least I) unintentionally make when you look at yourself... trying to look naturally or what?

I'm not going to buy this...

... but I like it! It's a good idea for a X-mas gift, right?

I really didn't need any of these things...

... so I didn't buy them. But they make me look good so I can always use them on Facebook. I only care if I look good in my online pictures anyway.

A hat:

Something that one really doesn't need. Especially not in the summer:

A hat... in the summer? Nope, only in the picture!

I always shop alone!

I very often (though not always) shop alone. I'm a lonely wolf of shopping. When I have a mission - e.g. to buy a bag, I first do a research:

1. I search to see what's "in"
2. I go from store to store to see what they have
3. I look at my bank account to see what I can afford

If I get pass the 3. step:

4. I go out to the field armed with a camera phone
5. I often don't buy anything but I have lot's of pictures to post on Facebook or wherever

I wanted to buy a bag in the summer but this one was too expensive.

This one was nice. But I didn't buy it!

Step 6: Mission failed!!!!