Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping, Psychoanalysis and Man Chairs

"Man chair" - defined by Urban Dictionary as "the chair that men sit in while their partner is shopping for long periods of time. They can be found in almost any clothing or shoe store." Right, so what if a woman goes shopping with men who want to buy a suit? I don't know. There aren't any woman chairs so I had to try some cross-dressing in order to survive that odyssey.

I realized an important thing: men's bags look really good on women. They might also be more practical than those designed for women but I don't know that for sure because, naturally, I didn't buy any.

Hat is a phallic symbol (at least in a freudian dream) so a woman's hat doesn't really make sense. A woman wearing a hat could be considered as a strong evidence of penis envy, so no thanks!

A blazer is what makes a gentleman. I hope that any gentleman who buys this particular blazer will never see this picture as it might make him feel emasculated. The fear of a woman looking good in man's blazer is the same as the fear of castration.

What's the future of unisex? Should I wear more men's clothes?

Should there be more woman chairs in shops and more man chairs in buses?


  1. Perfektný nápad, je to niečo nové. Tento blog sa mi fakt páči. Len tak ďalej. :)

  2. diky :-) Pozrela som Tvoj blog, paci sa mi!